Replacing Or Upgrading The Coil Springs In Your Truck For Better Performance

If you use your truck off road or for hauling materials, the suspension plays an important role in the way to truck handles the load and the strain you are putting on the parts. The coil springs are particularly strained as they carry most of the load put on the truck. Be aware of the handling and the way the truck feels under a load so that you tell if something goes wrong.

Damage To The Springs

On any vehicle with a coil spring suspension, the spring takes the majority of the weight put on the vehicle. In cases where you use the truck for hard off-road travel or heavy hauling duties, the wear and tear will take a toll on the coils over time. The spring can fatigue and eventually break, leaving the truck sitting, incapable of moving under its own power. Driving the truck even a short distance with a broken spring can cause damage to the rest of the suspension system.

Replacing The Spring

The job of replacing a broken coil spring is a big one and requires pulling the entire spring out and replacing it with a new spring. The suspension must be disassembled to do so and it is recommended that if you replace one, you also replace the spring on the opposite end of the axle. So if you replace the front left, you should also replace the front right.  Only changing one side will put added stress on the old coil, causing it to fail as well.

Stock Or Upgrade

The first decision to make if you need to replace a broken spring is whether you will replace it with a stock part or with stronger, aftermarket product. There are many brands being made for just about every truck currently in production. Most will have options for spring rate changes that can help you fine-tune the coils and get a setup on the truck that is perfect for you.

Get Help

The entire process for dialing in a spring for best performance can be daunting. There are so many different springs available, and the numbers are so confusing. Where do you start? There are several places you could start but if you are not sure what you need, one call to the tech team at the manufacturer will get you headed in the right direction. Explain what you need the spring for, and they can help you design a suspension system that will work for you. Contact a company, like Gitt's Spring Company, for more help.